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5 Dirty Secrets in Hair Salons and How to Avoid Them

Written by Bernard D. Evans


Posted on November 23 2017

Every once in a while people like to be pampered, feel good about themselves and escape the stresses of life that’s why a visit to hair salons makes all that feeling go away.

So you even booked a month advance to make sure that they can accommodate you and everything you need but did you know that even the safest place on earth also have their own tiny little secret they won’t tell you and want to hide? In case you happen to witness this incident from another client make sure to avoid them before they will happen to you.

1. They keep records of you

 You may be too friendly with your beauty stylist since you choose to go to that salon at least once a month that’s why you are already familiar with them even and  their life stories, but take note that they are also keeping records of you and remembers how rude you were when they accidentally mixed the glass cleaner in their shampoo or when you were late for your appointment because you broke up with your now ex-boyfriend. They share it around the circle whenever you are not around. So how to avoid this scenario? 

Of course having a chitchat especially when you are chilling in a hair salon is a good time but remember that your hair stylist is just your hair stylist and will remain that way unless you become pretty close and you trusted her/him with all your heart then it is safe to spill your life’s secret. But if not, keep personal details as much as possible and remain to be friendly- not too friendly though because when the salon is not busy, they are also busy spilling their client's lives.

2. Hear me when I say, they are using bleach

 Sure thing you wanted to go lighter and bleach is not in your vocabulary but always keep in mind that whenever you ask the hairstylist to go light, they are using bleach.

You don't have a choice because no matter what, they will still use bleach and dye your hair. So, just be ready for hair treatment at home to avoid having dry and frizzy hair if you still opt to have a lighter color. A deep conditioning once a week will help you maintain that healthy and natural hair. Now, that you know that little secret… stay darker sweetie!

3. They sell hair products

Most of the hair stylist will offer you hair products that will help your hair look more radiant and beautiful but some will do everything just to sell to reach their monthly quota. That’s their secret, they make big bucks selling those products.Be vigilant, not every hair product is needed but of course, you also need something to give your tresses a boost so know when to buy and not to buy these products. Learn to say no but don’t forget to give your hair stylist a tip.

4. They treat clients well who gives them good tip

Let’s face it, everyone wants money and so does your hairdresser. The more tip you give, the better treatment you receive.

Aside from saving for your hair treatment, make sure to save something for your favorite hairdresser that way, you will experience to be treated like a royalty even once in awhile and will make you feel and look good about your crowning glory.

5. They screw up

 From time to time hair stylist and hairdressers screw up like everyone else. When they make a mistake about your hair color or hairstyle, you will never know because they are trained to have a poker face. If you don’t like what she did because she did a mistake, they won’t take up to it but rather will find ways to make you feel better even if the real score is that- your hair is screwed.

Therefore, don’t believe everything your hair stylist tells you. If you don’t like the outcome, say it so they can find ways to fix it. Keeping silent means you are okay with it. You paid for it so, telling your hairdresser what is wrong is just right plus they will try everything to make you happy so you will come back again next time.




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