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Bernard D. Evans, Creator of Beyofi Luxury Products

Meet Bernard Evans

 Internationally renowned hair-care consultant, celebrity stylist and business entrepreneur Bernard Evans, has enhanced the images of high profile, celebrity clientele including Mary J. Blige, LaToya and Janet Jackson, Sade, and Iman, just to name a few.

Bernard Evans has been a hair stylist for a long list of America's elite celebrities--- Janet Jackson, Latoya Jackson, lman, Joan Rivers, Gladys Knight, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Daphne Maxwell Reid, Julie Brown, Luther Vandross, Joan Collins and Teddy Pendergrass.

His work has been featured in such magazines as Ebony, Essence, EIle, and Vogue and his work has been sought by top companies, such as Christian Dior, Revlon, Estee Lauder, and Lancôme.

Bernard is also noted for his business acumen managing high-end salons in New York, Atlanta, London and Paris, and is the founder of the Color Explosion Hair Gallery in New York's fashionable Chelsea area. 
He has pioneered a wide range of patents in the hair care industry, including creating proprietary formulas for his hair care system and exclusive line of products, that until recently, was only available to his exclusive celebrity clientele. for many years.  He is best known for his patented “invisible braids”.
Evans began his career in personal beauty at the esteemed Robert Fiance Beauty School in New Jersey. Upon completion, Evans began building his niche in the world of high-end hair, lending his services to some of the world's top names in fashion and beauty.
Bernard Evans received a B.S. degree from the University of South Florida and began his career as an electrical engineer.  Since entering the hair care field over 20 years ago, Mr. Evans has built a reputation as an international image consultant and one of the authorities on multi-textured hair care and styling and Make-up Artistry.
Since 1985, Bernard owned and operated ColorExplosion, one of New York City's leading hair salons specializing in multi-textured hairstyling.   Color Explosion later became Platinum Artistes and was expanded internationally to include London, Paris and Africa.  
Numerous celebrity clients in film, television, music, and the fashion industry have come to rely on Bernard Evans for hair styling and cosmetic enhancement.  In addition to Mr. Evans’ work as a hair stylist, he has served as a professional make-up artist, carrying out engagements for top firms such as Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Lancôme, and Revlon. 
Bernard Evans has also published his book entitled .K.A.S.H  for the entrepreneur.
Bernard also is a specialist in hair enhancements such as lace fronts, A master in the art of hair weaving, and hair extensions for hair.
Bernard Evans uses his expertise to create a complete hair-care system. His system caters to sophisticated, upscale professional women with varied hair textures and types who seek a "polished looked”.


The Bernard Evans Company

The Bernard Evans Company was founded in 1986 to fulfill a niche within the American and European market. Celebrity stylist and hair care consultant, Bernard Evans, had a vision of standard-setting salon professionals, and hair-care products, which would later be known as Bernard Evans Platinum Artistes™ featuring The Bernard Evans Platinum Hair Care System®.

Bernard Evans Platinum Artistes™ are experienced professionals that comprises Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists, Hair Dressers, Photographers, and Wardrobe Stylists. The team pro-actively works together striving to lead the way in still-image creativity. The Bernard Evans Company has remained dedicated to cultivating and training aspiring and professional "artistes" that wish to contribute, or enhance their talents within the beauty industry.

In 1994, the Company launched the Bernard Evans Sales & Distribution division exclusively for the Bernard Evans Platinum Hair Care System®. During that time a pilot infomercial, featuring Daphne Maxwell Reid, helped the company experience another level of success, with over twenty-eight hair-care maintenance products.

The BEYofi® brand family, is an extensive product line of hair-care maintenance products, which includes premium shampoos, conditioners, straightening systems like relaxers, Keratin treatments and the Cystine Smoothing System. Added to that styling gels, hair humidity protectants, hair styling serums, foaming sealants (mouse), and more. Recently, BEYofi® has expanded its portfolio for total beauty to include skin care, mens grooming, and products for the home. Today, BEYofi® comprises a brand portfolio of over 100 SKUs.

The Bernard Evans Company enjoys a loyal following of hair-care professionals, hair enthusiasts, and amateurs alike. In addition, the vision of Bernard Evans has been expanded to fulfill a social commitment in cosmetic hair and beauty instruction and philanthropy.

Bernard Evans received a B.S. degree from the University of South Florida and began his career as an electrical engineer.  Since entering the hair care field over 20 years ago, Mr. Evans has built a reputation as an international image consultant and one of the authorities on multi-textured hair care and styling and Make-up Artistry.

Bernard Evans has long believed in the synergy between beauty, business and the responsibility of serving the community.  During his lifetime of caring for the self-esteem of others through hair and beauty, Mr. Evans continues to contribute towards the advancement of both personal maintenance and entrepreneurship in the cosmetic industry through the Bernard Evans Foundation.

Some key highlights of the Bernard Evans Foundation has been the 2007 ‘Bernard Evans Prosperity Tour’, a one-of-a-kind event that brought speakers in the beauty and financial industries to share successful tips with today’s up and coming stylists.  In 2008, ‘BE A Better You’ Inspirational Tour aimed at career stylists on training and financial acumen and entrepreneurship training which also included ‘Sponsor-a-Stylist’ program that offered a full scholarship opportunity to a promising talent of cosmetology, and positive self-esteem initiative in partnership with Girls, Inc.

On a more humanitarian approach, we have worked with and contributed to the Ronald McDonald House Charities by conducting makeovers for children suffering from burns and cancer.  ‘Project Confidence’ with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation provided hand-made wigs to women undergoing chemotherapy.

The Bernard Evans Foundation’s mission is to contribute back to society, particularly women and children in the betterment of quality living, self-esteem and education and is open to identifying organisations and business partners who share the common vision and to further its responsibility of corporate responsibility through the Bernard Evans Foundation.