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How to Get Naturally Straighter Hair?

Written by Bernard D. Evans


Posted on April 14 2017

Straight hair has been admired all over the world especially if they are long and natural. Here are a few natural products to get that perfect straight look throughout the day.

Aloe Vera

Heat the aloe vera pulp and apply it to your hair as a hair mask, leaving it for 40 minutes to an hour, allowing your hair to be moisturized. Make sure to rinse it with mild shampoo afterward.

Eggs and Rice Flour

Mixing these two together with fuller’s earth, you can create a hair mask that you can comb through and leave on your hair for an hour. Then simply rinse with mild shampoo. Repeat this process at least once a week for better results.


The proteins in milk make hair smoother and less frizzy, giving you a straighter hair. All you need to do is pour some in a spray bottle, spray your hair after shampooing, and allow your hair to dry.

  • Bananas

  • Mixed mashed bananas with olive oil, yogurt, and honey until you make a paste. Apply as a hair mask and leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing. All these ingredients help moisturize your hair leaving it straighter than usual.

  • Celery

  • All you need to do is extract the juice from this vegetable and allow it to sit overnight. Spray all over your hair the next day from roots to the tips, comb it through, then cover for about half an hour before washing. Allow it to dry on its own.

  • Vinegar

  • Mix a few drops of vinegar in a mug of water, and rinse your hair with it after washing your hair. Then rinse it with water. The components of vinegar allow for sleeker, straighter hair.

  • Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice

  • Mix these two together until you make a cream that you can use as a cream conditioner. Rinse with lukewarm water and allow to dry. Do this for about twice a week to achieve desired results.



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