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How to Take Care of Your Hair in Autumn?

Written by Bernard D. Evans


Posted on November 14 2017

With the change in weather from the summer heat to fall’s cool breeze, not only do we need to change the clothes we wear every day, but also change the way you take care of your hair. Here are some tips to help you take care of your tresses this autumn season.

  • Clarify your hair

  • After everything you’ve put on your hair last summer like leave-in conditioners, salt spray, and sunscreen, you definitely need to get rid of all the build-up left in your scalp. Use a clarifying shampoo or get it professionally done at your trusted salon to allow your scalp to breathe and renew itself.

  • Deep conditioning

  • Since the weather is colder now, your skin tends to get drier than usual. The same goes for your scalp. It is best to deep condition your hair especially after clarifying it to ensure that moisture stays in your strands and on your scalp. This also prevents unwanted dry scalp that could lead to dandruff.

  • Add more protection

  • Since you will be experiencing high winds, it is best to protect your hair against the elements especially if you like to let it flow. You can use hats, bonnets, or even tie your hair. But the best protection is by using a leave-in conditioner, plus sealing it with oil like jojoba, coconut, or olive. Doing this will help seal in the moisture from the conditioner and protect your hair from damage.

  • Get a trim

  • The heat of summer can create a lot of damage for your hair like split ends. You don’t want to bring that to the next season. Since you will end up using a lot of wool which also damages your hair due to friction, you may want to get a much-needed trim first to avoid further damage.

  • Try anti-frizz products

  • Frizz is definitely part of this rainy season. Make sure you are equipped with the proper anti-frizz products to ensure your hair does not get that unwanted frizz which also causes more damage to your hair.



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