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Top 10 Oily Hair Home Remedies You Can Start Doing Today

Written by Bernard D. Evans


Posted on June 12 2017

We want our hair to be smooth, silky, and bouncy so we use products that help keep hair healthy and moisturized. But what do we do if our hair has too much oil? Here are 10 easy oily hair home remedies that you can start doing today.

1. Avoid washing your hair daily

Yes, this may seem odd. You may ask, “Aren’t I supposed to wash out the oils instead?” The answer is yes and no. Yes, you want to wash out the oiliness from your scalp and hair, however, too much washing dries out the scalp too much causing it to produce even more oil to keep up with the lack of it. So instead of washing every day, try it every other day to allow a normal production of oil.

2. Use natural remedies to control oily hair

There are remedies to keep your oily hair at bay. You can try using aloe vera, egg yolk, or apple cider vinegar. The best way to use these ingredients is to dilute them in water or in your shampoo. You can also use witch hazel oil by dabbing a cotton ball with a mixture of water and witch hazel oil, then applying it to your scalp.

  • 3. Avoid too much conditioner

  • Since your hair is already oily, there is no need to put too much conditioner on your hair. A once-a-week deep conditioning is enough to keep your tresses healthy while avoiding too much oil in your hair.

  • 4. Learn proper rinsing

  • After shampooing, conditioning, or treating your hair, it is best to rinse your hair properly using warm water. You need to make sure that there are no traces of any product in your scalp to avoid irritating it and therefore, making it produce more oil.

  • 5. Don’t brush too much

  • Stimulating your hair follicles causes it to produce oil. So as much as possible, avoid brushing and touching your hair too much.

  • 6. Choose an appropriate hairstyle

  • Choose shorter hairstyles rather than having them longer. One reason is that longer hair tends to get dryer at the tips no matter how oily your scalp gets. This may lead to unhealthy hair and breakage.

  • 7. Make it a point to stay out of the sun

  • But if you need to, wear a hat or be under the shade more often. Heat produces sweat, which produces, yes, more oil.

  • 8. Avoid scratching your scalp

  • Especially this summer, when your scalp gets sweaty, it tends to get itchy. It is recommended to avoid scratching because this stimulates your scalp’s sebaceous glands which are the ones responsible for producing oil.

  • 9. Relax

  • Read a book, do yoga or Pilates, walk, or meditate. Keep your mind relaxed to keep your body relaxed so your hormones are also relaxed. If your hormones are hyper active, this will also affect your oil production. So sit down, breathe in, breathe out, and repeat.

  • 10. Keep your diet healthy

  • Make sure your body gets the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Keep your food nutritious and make sure you eat a balanced diet. If your body gets the proper amount of nutrients, it will help keep your body and hair healthy.
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