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8 Things You Need to Consider Before Getting Bangs

Written by Bernard D. Evans


Posted on June 26 2017

Bangs have always been part of women’s hairstyles since time immemorial. It gives the hairstyle and your face a different twist, changing how you look. But there are certain things we need to consider before you decide to get that big chop.

  • You have to know your face shape

  • Not all styles of bangs will fit your face perfectly, so you have to be sure that you’re asking your hairdresser to give you the right one. It doesn’t hurt to ask or do your research because cutting your bangs takes commitment. You don’t want to be stuck with something you don’t like.

  • Bangs grow fast

  • Are you ready for the maintenance that it requires? Since bangs grow faster, and you want to maintain it, you have to make more trips to the salon to always have that perfect look. It’s better if you can do it yourself to save you more time and money.

  • They require a lot of work

  • Your bangs won’t always look the same every day. You have to make sure that you have the time to tame your hair, apply the appropriate product, and style it according to how you want it to stay throughout the day.

  • The blow-dryer and flat iron are your friends

  • Before your bangs even dries as you step out the shower, you have to make style them with your blow-dryer or flat iron, to ensure they stay in place and keep the style you want them to go. Bangs tend to go everywhere when left alone, which could ruin your whole look.

  • Washing your bangs more

  • You’ll find yourself washing your bangs more than your entire head of hair, especially if you don’t really like how your bangs are falling on your hair and you need how to change how it looks.

  • Accessories!

  • You would need all sorts of accessories depending on what you are doing. When working out, you can use headbands to keep hair away from your face. If you are busy, you can use bobby pins or clips to avoid the bangs from getting into your eyes. Turbans are also very useful.

  • Ask other people

  • It never hurts to ask an expert hairdresser regarding your concerns. They have all the answers you need, and most probably, can give you the cut that’s perfect for your face. You can also ask friends who have bangs or have spotted it once in their lives.


    Bangs don’t really need to be the trend for you to get one. What’s important is you know what you want and you are ready for anything that comes with it, as long as you know how to carry yourself well.



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